Legio X Fretensis, Cohort IV Handbook

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Legio X Fretensis - Legionary Aguila and Vexilla (Eagle and Standards)
Introductory Information on Legio X, Cohort IV
Legionary Clothing, Uniform, and Equipment
Legionary Clothing - The Basic Tunica
Civilian Clothing
The parts of a First Century Legionary Armour
Legio X Fretensis Shield Pattern Insignia
Legionary Rank Positions
Choosing a Roman Name
Battle Tactics
Roman Military Command Orders
History of Legio X Fretensis
Legio X Fretensis and the Life of Jesus Christ

Legio X Fretensis Newsletters

First Newsletter
Second Newsletter
Third Newsletter
Fourth Newsletter - Clarksburg Event
Fifth Newsletter - Cheese Factory Event
Sixth Newsletter - Macarthur Church Event
January - February 2000 Newsletter
March 2000 Newsletter - Roman march through Titus Canyon, Death Valley, California
August 2000 Newsletter LXF at Fort Point, San Francisco
September 2000 Newsletter LXF at Scottish Highland Games, San Francisco
October 2000 Newsletter Lagoon Valley - Jerry Axtell Memorial - Dover Middle School
November 2000 Newsletter Leather Tent Survey
January 2001 Newsletter Bethlehem AD 2001

Roman Reenactors Table of Contents