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IMPERATOR: Commander of the Camp, represents Legio X Headquarters Staff.

CENTURIO: Commander of the Century, he is responsible for the training and leading the unit.

OPTIO: Second in command to the Centurio, he is also responsible for training and leading the unit.

DRILLMASTER: Senior Legionary responsible for conducting the training drills under the supervision of the Centurio and Optio.

AQUILIFER: Third in command, the Standard Bearer for Legio X Aquila. (Eagle Standard).

SIGNIFER: Standard Bearer for Legio X Signum, (IV Cohort Standard) or the Vexillum (Bull Banner)

CORNICEN: Trumpeter of the Cornu.

BENEFICIARIUS: Chief Administrator to Legio X staff.

PHYSICIAN: Legio X camp medical officer.

CLERK/SERVANT: Assistants to Legio X staff needs.

MESS COOKS: Responsible for the preparation of all meals.

LEGIONARY: Common Soldier of Legio X.

SUPPORTING ARMS: Archer, Slinger, and Auxiliary Infantryman

CIVILIANS: Family members can serve various roles here. This is open to all ages. A separate camp will be set up for them.

BARBARIANS: They can function as either a friend of Rome, or an enemy. A separate camp is set up.

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