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Second Newsletter

- Text by Robert Garbisch
-- Images by Jay King

Ave Milites!

The time has come when a progress report needs to be given on the present strength of commitment to the Legio X Fretensis roster, Of the thirty names of individuals who expressed interest in supporting this living history concept only the following members have paid their 1999 dues:


Only the following individuals have actually filled out and returned to me a Legio X Enlistment form.


The Enlistment form is very important in providing the individual an official status as a registered member of the Legio X Fretensis. It is also a legal document for injury care of the individual at a Legio X event. Thus it is very important for you to please fill out the Enlistment form and send it to me for our Legio X records. Thank you.

Legio X Fretensis Treasurer's Report

Income received: $210.00 Expenses: January 20th Newsletter, postage cost - $8.25 Secretary of State, Legio X Application Fee - $25.00 Secretary of State, Non-profit Status Filing Fee - $30.00 Staples, Extra large envelopes 100 ct.- $4.06 Mailing of Legio X Handbooks - $24.75 Current Balance: $117.94

Note: If you have yet to pay your membership dues, please send it now. Your support is vital.

Current Schedule of Events

Special meeting to be held at my home    (March 20, 1999)
We will meet at my home, 224 Masonic Drive, Vallejo, at 1 p.m., to discuss the upcoming Celebrate History event. This will be a time of checking out your equipment, to arrange for any loaner gear with me, and to conduct some drill marching and battle demonstrations.

Celebrate History Event    (March 20, 1999)
CH 1999 is to be held at the San Francisco Convention Center. You need to be there at 0800 to help set up our Legio X display table. We have been given the high honor of being placed right at the entrance. Our unit impression to the public is very important. Our goal is to have at least eight members present at all times for this event on both days. This minimum number of active members will reduce our display table expense to zero, plus it will permit us to always have at least two members on duty, at the table, to interact with the public. We are scheduled to put on a Living History presentation to the public. Bring your own lunch. After the event on Saturday, we can all go somewhere to eat and discuss the activities of the day.

Important: I need to know now if you plan to attend this event. Please contact me ASAP. Thanks.

Clarksburg    (May 22 - 23, 1999)
Our first official Roman Training Camp will be set up. Chances are this will be a local affair. Thus it will allow us the opportunity to develop our individual presentations and unit activities for the public. At present we are scheduling only one public presentation on Saturday afternoon. This will be a very important event for developing our Legio X educational format.

Cheese Factory in Novato    (July 24 - 25, 1999)
This important event will receive lots of publicity. It will be a real test of our Legio X commitment to educational values to the public. Please attend.

SF Bay Area Event    (Tentatively Planned for sometime in August, 1999)
I am currently hoping to find an event site located somewhere in the San Francisco to San Jose area, or even on the south East Bay side, from Hayward to San Jose. It can be either a one day event or even a full weekend event. Possible dates are August 1, 8, or 28/29. For our members who live in the local area, this is your opportunity to discover a site for our Legio X presentation.

MacArthur Community Baptist Church    (September 11, 1999)
This one day event will invite the public to this church's Homecoming Celebration on Sept. 12th. This should provide good PR for us.

Roman March
Is there enough personal interest from our members to plan on a Roman March event? Please let me know of your feelings on this type of activity for the Legio X Fretensis.

I currently have a list of Roman sutlers and vendors. It was sent to me from someone who found this information on the Web at:

I have no personal experiences with any of the sutlers and vendors on the list. I would welcome any comments from our members who have had personal dealings with any of them. In fact, if anyone has found good sources to recommend please share that info in our newsletter.

Remember: Your active participation is the key to success for the Legio X Fretensis.

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