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Most of the Romans whom we know from history or literature had three names. These three names, the Praenomen, Nomen, and Cognomen, each of which had its own significance, were customary in the great years of the Republic. In earlier times, names were simpler, while umder the Empire the system ended in utter confusion.

When you enlist in the Legio X you are expected to designate for yourself a Roman name. It can be a single name only, or a combination of two to three names, however you wish to be addressed by. Listed below is a sampling of Roman names. You are free to select, or invent, a Roman name of your own choosing. This will be recorded in the Legio X roster. If you prefer to be a Barbarian, may the Gods have mercy upon you, you still have a need to identify yourself with an appropriate name of the time period we are representing

For example: my Roman name is Marcus Antonius Lucius. In camp, I am to be addressed as Centurio Marcus. Our Imperator, Jerry Axtell, has selected the Roman name of Justis Aurelius. He should be properly addressed as Imperator Justis.

Agrippa Demas Macro Remus
Alexander Demetnus Marcellus Romanius
Ancus Didius Marcus Romulus
Anthony   Mark Rufus
Antonius Fatalis    
Antonia Fetus Narcissus Scribonia
Antony   Nero Scripio
Aulus Gaius Nerva Sejanus
  Germanicus   Silvanus
Britannicus Geta Pallus  
Brutus Gnaeus Paterculus Tiberius
Burrus   Petrus Titus
  Horace Plautius Tullus
Caius Horatio Polybius Tychicus
Caligula Hosidius Pompey  
Callistus   Pompius Valeria
Callus Julius Postumus Valerius
Cassius Justus   Varus
Cassus   Quinctius Vellius
Cicero Lucius Quintus Vespasian
Claudius Livy    
Cornelius     Zenas

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