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August 2000 Newsletter -- Page 1

- Text and Photos by Robert Garbisch

Where were our regular Legionaries? I suspected Darrath had one of her Celtic Gods involved in the absence of so many of our "miles gregarius" for this event. And yes it was true. Apparently, according to the tale told to me by Darrath, the giant, Ymir, who sleeps under the Golden Gate Bridge and loves the fog, is the culprit in this crime. He is basically a really friendly giant, only he likes his mist and cold, biting wind and hates the sunshine that we Romans favor. He was truly upset that we chose to invade his northern realm under the bridge. So he gobbled up a couple of the advance scouting party legionaries. That is how he got a terrible bellyache, which explained the howling winds we heard. Hmmm?

On the next page is a more complete report on the Ft. Point event, as submitted by Gains Germanicus Magnus. Following this report is a photo gallery of the various activities we did there. Despite the cool weather conditions, LXF did just fine. It was another good event to enjoy.

Please welcome our two newest members: ALONSO CHATTAN, our LXF Physician, Appollodorus of Athens and ARTHUR GAMON, an Auxiliary from Pilate's Guards, Arthurius Brittainius. We were also honored to have our Praetorian Guard Gains bring his young son, Octavius, to our event. Enjoy the report.

Once on the Fairgrounds you will be directed to our LXF campsite. We are supposed to be camped next to a Celtic Tribe campsite. Please RSVP to me your intentions to attend this adventurous event. I will have need to send you a participant parking ticket. It will also help me in meal planning. Overnight camping will be allowed. I plan to arrive there on Friday afternoon to set up our site. Any help you can provide will be appreciated.


On guard duty are Legionary Titus Lucretius Aeldred.  
















Calventius Victor stands with pilum ready to repel barbarian invaders from the sea!  












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