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January 2001 Newsletter Newsletter -- Page 1

- Text and Photos by Robert Garbisch

As the Twentieth Century finally came to its conclusion, LXF was once more invited to be an active participant in the Peninsula Christian Center special Christmas pageant, called Bethlehem Village A.D., in Redwood City. For three consecutive evenings, on Dec. 21, 22, and 23, L.XF served as the official Roman military presence there to supervise the census so ordered by our beloved Emperor Augustus. We were also there to insure that taxes were collected from the local travelers and village people.

Attached is a detailed report submitted by Titus Lucretius Aeldred, on the first two evenings of activities. Unfortunately, Titus had to report to other duties on the third evening. LXF also suffered the loss of Publius Spurius Gallus, as he fell ill due to consumption. However, our imsufficiency in the ranks was adequately filled with the unexpected arrival of fresh troops from Tulare.

New to the ranks of LXF came Legionary Romulus (Ron Vaughan) and his son, Ericus (Erik). His wife Linda also came in a villager costume. His brother Mark tried to fit into one of our loaner outfits, but found that he was simply too big. So he became a villager instead. We also had a Greek Auxiliary, Thomas Carroll.

Another blessing came in the arrival of Flavius Vespasianus Iovi Konig (Jay King) and his stepson, Robert Davis. These two Legionaries added to the patrol strength of LXF. Also, our Praetorian Gaius Germanicus Magnus (Steve Oster) brought along his young son, Octavius, to view this scenario. Many times we would hear young Octavius telling the people passing by the tax collector's place to, "Pay your taxes!" And then he would go up and place a coin in the collection bowl, as an example. When he ran out of coins, he would go gather some from the bowl and start his little ceremony again. Hail Caesar!

Near the conclusion of this final night, Arthur Henrick showed up to help us break camp and pack up. We were also assisted by two young lady friends who had accompanied Antony Lucius (Anthony Garbisch). Please view the attached illustrated scenes for more activities from Bethlehem Village.

Shown here is Centurio Marcus with Laura M. Pacquet. Laura Pacquet is the wonderful lady who sold the corner lots where Bethlehem Village has been staged for the past nine years, to the Peninsula Christian Center. Her dearly departed husband, Victor, had approved of this Christmas tradition being held on this site. The large number of people coming each evening to view this Christmas story tradition justifies its purposes. God bless thee, Laura Pacquet.

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