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September 2000 Newsletter -- Page 1

- Text and Photos by Robert Garbisch

At first, the weather was very adverse to the undertaking of this event. Loading preparations were done under wet, misty conditions. Traffic conditions were very congested along our route to the area. Upon arrival, there was the general confusion as to where our LXF campsite should be located. We were definitely placed out on the outer fringes of the event site. This was necessary in order to provide for us a large grassy area suitable for our battle demonstrations and pilum drill.

LXF had a very low turnout for this special event. Due to the Scottish theme of activities, we had four LXF members involved in Scottish Bagpipe and Drum units. They wanted to serve Caesar, but other duties prevented them from joining us. Also, various unexpected factors apparently prevented six other LXF members from appearing, even though they had expressed to me their intentions to come. It was most unfortunate, for this event was a great success and a lot of good fun for those who did make it.

I wish to welcome one good potential recruit, Ethan Hockman, who came on Friday afternoon to help set up our campsite. Then he returned on Saturday to serve Caesar as a Legionary. He did a great job of learning our drills and fighting off the invading Celts. Hail Caesar!

This time you have been blessed with two reports on this event. It reflects two different viewpoints from two different cultures. We had the unique opportunity this time of having the Celts and Picts join us for some of our activities. It was a natural bonding of two sides of the story in history. We both benefited from our dual presentations and the public really enjoyed it. At this event LXF introduced to the public a Gladiator show. Here we displayed the three major types of Gladiators: a Samnite (heavily armed), a Thracian (lightly armed), and the Retiarius (netman). It soon became obvious to us that the general nature of our "civilized' mankind has not really changed that much from the times of the Romans, as the crowd shouted for blood in dispatching the defeated gladiator! Hmnmi'?!

In the image at right are Retiarius Marcus (Robert Garbisch), Saminte Calventius (Ed McDonald) and Thracian Titus (Doug Unsworth). Morituri te salutant! ~ Those about to die salute you! you!








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