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The Roman Empire was probably the greatest empire in the history of the world. It was the largest, richest, best-organized and longest lasting. Between the years of 553 to 953 AUC (200 BC to 200 AD), the empire spread from the Italian heartland across all of Western Europe, the Balkans, the lands around the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East, and even parts of the Soviet Union.

Guarding this vast area was a Roman Army consisting of about 28 Legions, a force of approximately 160,000 legionaries, plus an additional force of some 220,000 auxiliary troops in other types of units. It was this army that created the Roman Empire and protected it for over 600 years. The heart and strength of this protective fighting force was the legionary.

You have shown interest in becoming a member of this historical society. Upon acceptance into the ranks, you will be assigned to Legio X Fretensis - IV Cohort.

If you elect to first try the Roman Training Camp program, then you will be required to bring this Introductory Information cover sheet to your first event in order to be admitted into the Training Camp. A modest $5.00 admittance fee will be requested: You will be allowed to attend two events on a trial basis. If you decide to continue your Roman experience, then you will be requested to pay the balance due for a full Membership status, which is $30.00 for the calendar year.

When you attend your first event, in order to enrich your living history experience, you should bring with you the following outfit and equipment: a "T" pattern Tunic, a rope or leather belt, sandals, a mess kit consisting of a wood or metal bowl or plate, a spoon, knife (optional), a cup, and a bag to carry it. A leather water bag or a plain, uncovered metal canteen is recommended if you plan to spend the entire day with Legio X. If you plan to spend the night in the camp tent, you should bring with you a plain colored wool blanket. You may be asked to post guard duty during the night. Legio X will provide for all meals. Please RSVP one week prior to the scheduled event in order to insure sufficient food for you. The status of new reruits at these events will be that of militae mutatio - Lowest ranking soldiers.

If you wish to only receive this Legio X newsletter, then the rate is $10.00 for a year's subscription.

In order to become an official member of Legio X, you must first determine what will be your Roman name. Please refer to the page on selecting your Roman name. When you approach the Centurio for enlistment, you are requred to bring with you a handwritten Letter of Introduction from someone who knows an army officer. This is a fictional letter that you can write up yourself. In historical reality, this is what the new recruit had to do. A sample letter is provided here.

I, (your relative or friend's name) highly offer (your name) to be fit in both body and spirit for enlistment into the Roman Army, to serve our Emperor (Augustus - if you are 36+ years of age; and Tiberius - if you are younger than 35 years of age) for the glory of Rome. As a true friend of (officer's name) of the (Legio unit name), I present him to you for acceptance into the ranks of Legio X Fretensis.

(Signature of your relative or friend)

Upon receipt of your Letter of Introduction by the Centurio, a Legio X Physician will examine you to determine if you are truly fit for duty. You will be questioned about your citizenship to eliminate the possibility of you being a runaway slave, a criminal, or an undesirable foreigner. If you pass this interview, you will be allowed to take the Legio X Army Oath of Allegiance. This was also historically done to insure the soldier's commitment to be brave, obedient, honest, and loyal to Rome.

Note: This Oath to Rome, the Emperor, and Legio X is NOT to be considered a real oath of binding commitment from you. It is done as part of your personal living history experience.

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