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November 2000 Newsletter -- Page 1

- Text and Photos by Robert Garbisch

From our Emperor Tiberius II, I have received the following notice.

Com recordabere tua cetera, etsi persaepe congratulabere virtuti tamen plerumque tu ae felicitati. Quoties, cogitabis de nobis, quos voluisti esse salvos in re imperium et California. Qua dam specie rei publicae.

when you shall recall your other actions you will very often congratulate yourself for valor, nevertheless, often for your good fortune. You shall meditate concerning us, whom you have wished to be safe in the empire and California, by a certain appearance of public interest.

I have recently received some very important Liability Agreement forms from Paula Dresden, of the Peninsula Christian Center. If you are planning to attend this special event you have need to fill out the appropriate form applicable to you and your family. This form must be on file at the center before you come to participate in this event. Feel free to copy as many forms that you have need for your family.

Our character description is that of "Centurion"! I know, I've tried to explain to the Center that we should be listed as Roman Soldiers. But unfortunately, their church guards prefer to be called "Centurions".

Please let me know what evenings you plan to attend. This will assist me in my planning for this event. If you have need of any loaner equipment, please let me know in advance.

I plan to arrive there on Dec. 21st, around 3 p.m., in order to set up our Roman Camp Site. This will be a very simple affair. There will be only the Command Tent to set up plus some stake fencing. Unless there is a serious need to have the wall tent set up, I do not plan on bringing it.

You are best advised to wear some form of Roman trousers and long sleeve pullover shirt, under your tunica and armor, in order to keep yourself reasonably warm during the cold evening performances.

Please bring your own mess gear. Food will be provided for you at this event. But you will have need for bringing your own cup, plate or bowl, and at least a spoon, if you so desire to partake of the food there.

At present, I have only received the following renewed membership dues. Robert and Linda Garbisch, Arthur Gamon, Kevin Beckman, Jim Garvisch, Douglas and David Unsworth.

I realize that this time of the year brings with it a lot of demands for your time, attention, and finances. If possible, please try to fit into your hectic schedule a $30 check for LXF membership or a $10 check if you wish to be only a subscriber to the LXF newsletter. Thanks.

At present, I have received?the following generous donations to this special project. Robert and Linda Garbisch - $50, LXF funds - $50, Lea Deuel - $35, Arthur Gamon - $60, John von Garvisch - $50, Jim Garvisch - $70, Doug and David Unsworth - $ 100.

That gives us a total of $415 for this special project. When the minimum goal of $800 is finally reached, I will go purchase the leather material. Then the real work shall begin. This will involve the pattern cutting, assembly, and sewing. Wowie!

The special Liability Agreement form will be mailed out to only those LXF members that are residing in the Bay Area. If you reside outside the Bay Area and you wish to attend this event, please let me know ASAP and I'll send you the necessary form. Otherwise, please have an enjoyable Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year's celebration.

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