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Sixth Newsletter

- Text by Robert Garbisch and Jay King
-- Images by Robert Garbisch, Lewis Grimes, and Jay King

Event Report: MacArthur Church - September 11, 1999

To visit the Legio X photo gallery for this event, please click here.

This was certainly a wonderful way to conclude our 1999 public presentation season. Despite the fact that it was only a one-day event I believe that for those who attended it proved to be quite interesting and successful. Rather than write up a personal account of our activities that day, I refer you to please read the West County Times newspaper article, written by Mary Reiley. By some twist of fate, the photo that was selected for our event shows two non-members who came to watch our presentation but ended up serving in our ranks.

The two visitors seen in this photo dressed up as Legionary soldiers. His two sons, who came because of their classroom interest in Roman History, volunteered the front one. The other fellow, wearing glasses is the Pastor of MacArthur Church, Loyed Arnold. His wife and daughter volunteered his services. Ha!

Some side notes of personal interest is the following incident at this event. In setting up our display we encountered some "barbarian" wasps, which viciously attacked us. Ouch! Rather than confront these little warriors we judiciously relocated our camp. Both shows were well attended by the public.

I've been asked to display more photos and less talk So please enjoy this photo gallery of this event and other activities. Please follow these links for photos showing our Legio X lineup at the second show of the day. Then a demo on the fortified wall section, with Centurio Marcus and Optio Antony. Legionary Marius shows off a new Julian period outfit. Finally, into battle we go with our attack!

At this event we were contacted by Elder Robert Adams, who represents the "Multi-Cultural Ancient Olympics Festival" event. He invited us to join this year's event, which was to be held on September 18thThis was unfortunate timing, because all of us there had other plans for that day. However, I did meet with him after the event and we discussed the real possibility of joining them for next year. This annual event attracts large crowds and it is a popular activity in the Richmond area. Shown are two photos from past events. They also put on a Biblical Story show as part of their event. Other activities of interest are the Armor Race, Spear throwing (for accuracy and distance), and other physical displays of skill.

Next I present some photos taken at the "History in Action" event held in England. Here, Ellison Dunlap was recently fortunate enough to witness this spectacular event. His main observation was that Legio X Fretensis could hold its own on an equal level of historical accuracy in our uniforms and presentations. Perhaps someday we could all go over there as a part of a United States Roman representation. Ellison was inspired enough to consider constructing, a Roman war machine. Perhaps he could make a Scorpion?

A request was made for some information on civilian clothing, especially women's clothing. Although the article is rather brief, it does provide thee basics for getting started. If more facts are desired, I can provide some more ideas.

Jay King, our Signifer / Webmastcr, has done an excellent job of posting Legio X on the web. As a result, Jay was recently contacted by a cartoonist that is researching a new Roman cartoon series. As Jay said to me, - "Wouldn't that be fun, especially if he were a member of Legio X Fretensis!"

On another note of interest. Jay had this fact to relate: "It seems that the people at The Discovery Channel have 'discovered our myron.sjsu.cdu site and have even put it at the top of their list of recommended resource sites for teachers and elementary, school students. The site was primarily designed for middle and high school use and it is really gratifying to have the stamp of approval from a major organization which delivers educational media." Excellent work, Jay!

From our Emperor Tiberius 11 we have the following order:




Legion 10, 4th cohort will bring to pass civilization unto the lands known as Americia without a doubt for the future glory of Tiberius 11.


Introducing a new column of equal time interest is "The Barbaricum". My good friend Mike Lewis, who desires to see some "barbarians on the scene", writes this column. I agree. We could really use some targets for our pilurn and gladius drill! Ha! All kidding aside, I am making attempts to contact some barbarian for conducting some mock battle demonstrations and encampment next to our camp. Does anyone have any objections to this type of activity in conjunction with our current public program9 If yes, please let me know of your feelings on this subject.

Next Event - Bethlehem Village - December 21, 22, and 23, 1999

Please mark your calendar for attending this special event on any of these evenings for December 21, 22, and 23, from 6:00 - 9:30 p.m. I will be writing more detailed information as the time comes nearer. Construction on the site. will begin on Saturday, Nov. 6th and every Saturday thereafter. They have asked for volunteer help. If' you are a handy type worker, they could use your skills. Please contact Karl and Paula Dresden, at (650) 594-1225. or (650) 368-382 1.

This event will be locatedat at 1305 Middlefield Road, near Main, in Redwood City.

Otherwise, now is the time to clean up and protect your entire armor in preparation for next year 2000.

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