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This basic garment is required for everyone, whether a member or non-member, in order to participate in the Roman Training Camp program. The tunica should be an off-white color or red, preferably made of 100 percent wool or cotton linen, in either a blanket weight or lighter material. It is made up in two pieces.

The length should go from the top of your shoulder to the level of your knee (30" to 48" long). The width should provide you with enough space to be able to move around comfortably (24" to 40" wide). The two short sleeves are generally extended 4" to 6" with an opening of 10" to 12". The neck opening was commonly just a neck hole or a slit, about 12" to 16" in size. Simply leaving most of the shoulder seam not sewn made this slit opening. Provide a finish edge at the top and bottom of your tunica.

The belt is used to blouse up your tunica so that the bottom hem is just above your knee. Under tunics cannot be well documented, but the wearing of one for personal comfort is an acceptable option, especially on a hot day. Make it a white or natural linen color, in the same shape of your tunica, but without the sleeves.


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