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Fourth Newsletter

- Text by Robert Garbisch
-- Images by Robert Garbisch, Jay King, and Marc Goldman




IMERIAL ORDER   I -- Rome hence grants you the authority to represent the empire in the lands known as America.

Thus we begin our Roman Legio, X Fretensis portrayal to the public at our first official event at Clarksburg. My oldest brother, John Von Garvisch, who has declared himself to be the new Emperor Tiberius II of Rome, sent the above Order to me. My brother was the initial source of my personal interest in Roman history. He introduced me to his Latin teacher, Martha Ward, of Venice High School, who in turn invited me into the Roman world The popular movies of the time confirmed my interest in Rome, such as Quo Vadis, The Robe, Demetrius and the Gladators, Ben Hur, Spartacus, and more. Out of personal gratitude for his words of encouragement during my youthful years I have accepted his declared position of imperial title. We now have an Emperor to guide us during these challenging times. Hail Caesar!


I have completed an updated Legio X Roster list that reflects some changes. This was mailed out to members and guest subscribers with the paper copy of this newsletter. Please note that I have included our member's Roman names. If you have not given me your Roman name yet, please send it to me via U. S. Mail or email ASAP. Thanks. Our "Subscribers Only" list those individuals who wish to receive only the Legio X Newsletter for now. Our "Guest Subscribers" are those individuals who have expressed a personal interest in our activities but have yet to decide whether to join us, subscribe only, or what? They will receive three free issues.


SCOTT POOLE (Marcus Scipio)
EDWARD McDONALD III (Calventius Viator)

Shown here is a photo sent to me from Edward. As you can see Edward already has his own Legionary outfit, plus a beautiful lady in hand. I have yet to receive the true story regarding her status with him at the time. Who is this mystery lady? Will he be inviting her to our events? Hmmm? Anyway, Edward has also informed me that he has another male friend who is very interested in joining us. That's great news!


As promised. my wife, Linda (Lydia) and I drove all the way to Chapman University for a special guest presentation to one of our newest member's adult education class, hosted by Les Clement. Shown above is a photo of Les (far left, dressed as a Signifer) holding our Legio X standards, along with one of his class students (who volunteered to dress up as a Legionary). Then there is Centurio Marcus Antonius Lucius, commander of the IV Cohort, Legio X Fretensis, Jerusalem Garrison, Antonia Fortress.

It was an interesting event that offered the history of Legio X, descriptions of the various outfits, and some battle tactics. The students were invited outside to participate in a pilurn throwing drill. Unfortunately, no new recruits volunteered to join Legio X Oh well, perhaps another time, Ha!

CLARKSBURG, MAY 21,22, and 23

This was our Legio X Fretensis Premiere event to the public. Preparing for this event involved a lot of work behind the scene. First off, we had to obtain permission for using the site area located on church property. Once that was secured, work begin on making the required palisade stakes (pilum muralis) to construct our Fortified Roman Training Camp. This involved cutting 525 stakes for the wall and gate. plus an extra 20 as spare stakes, and additional 125 shorter stakes were cut for an outer wall barrier. Then there was the question of how to transport these many stakes. So a special Legio X Cargo Box (4' x 8') was constructed. This box was to be secured on top of my camper truck. It served its purpose quite well. But We discovered that in order to load it and unload its cargo involved a lot of hard work. Thus plans were made to obtain a flat bed trailer to transport our Legio X Cargo Box for future events. That project is now in progress.

This event was definitely a good learning experience for presenting Legio X to the public. I wish to personally give SCOTT POOLE and RICHARD LUCAS a great Thank You for all the help you provided in staying with me from the very beginning of this event until the final conclusion of unloading all our Legio X gear at my home. These two men did a great job.

Likewise, I wish to give a big Thank You to the following members of Legio X who showed up on Saturday for our special presentation. Some of them came early enough to help out with the set of our fortified wall, and that really was beneficial. They were: BRIAN BROWN, LARRY BROWN. JIM GARVISCH, JAY KING, and STEVE OSTER.

With their personal appearance, the Legio X presentation was a success. We had a small public turnout, but this factor was mainly due to the demands from the Church to keep it to a local PR event only.

During the day the weather conditions were generally very comfortable. But towards evening and on into the night the conditions changed. Gusty winds began to now through our camp. On numerous occasions we had to restake our tents. Fortunately most of the wind damages affected the unoccupied papilio camp tent. Otherwise, the survivors of this windy storm, Centurio Marcus, Berieficarius Lucas Flavius, and Legionary Scipio, enjoyed their evening meals, played the entertaining game of UR, listened to passages of Caesar's Commentaries, and in general enjoyed each others company in a Roman atmosphere lighted by oil lamps.

The following narration applies to the illustrated record of this successful event.

  1. Here we are setting up our Roman Training Camp. The ground was extremely hard and sun baked. Due to the limited number of available work force, we restricted our efforts to digging a trench line for posting our palisade stakes.
  2. Beneficiarius Lucas is calling forth the men of Legio X for the Sacramentum ceremony. To his right stands Legionary Scipio. On the left is Sagittari Octavius.
  3. Standing in front of our Legio X standards is Beneficiarius Lucas and a Praetorian Guard representative from the Emperor Tiberius, Gaius Germanicus Magnus.
  4. Shown left to right are Grammaticus Flavius Konig, Legionary Gaius Aquila, Cornician Justinius Aquila, Legionary Scipio, and Sagittari Octavius receiving the Oath and their Emperor's medallion. Now they are the rightful property of Rome and Legio X Fretensis. Hail Caesar!
  5. Inspecting the palisade wall are Centurio Marcus and Legionary Scipio. All looks well after the storm.
  6. All dressed up for the ceremony are Lady Lydia and Centurio Marcus.
  7. Shown here are two fine Legionaries of Rome, Marcus Scipio and Marcus Lucius.
  8. Into the Gladius training pit goes Legionary Scipio, under the tutoring guidance of Centurio Marcus. Even some members of the public audience were invited to test their stamina in the pit.
  9. Forma - Ad aciem - Pugna! Pila iace! (Form Battle Lines! - Battle! Throw your pilum!)
  10. Gladium stringe! Parati! Oppugnare! (Draw your sword! Ready! Charge!)
-- More images of the Clarksburg event can be viewed here.     Let us know how you like the new gallery format for displaying images. We are trying out some new software.


This event shall definitely have a greater public audience. Your active participation shall truly contribute to the overall success of Legio X in public education. Please RSVP your intentions to attend this gala event of historical importance to the Editor Robert Garbisch (707) 557-4188 or email:

You are encouraged to please make every effort to come. If possible, come on Friday afternoon to help construct the Camp Site. Saturday morning shall be our time to drill in preparation for our afternoon presentations. That evening will be devoted to our own time of personal fun and enjoyment. On Sunday morning, conditions permitting, we shall conduct a private march through the countryside. That afternoon we shall make one more public presentation. Then it shall be time to pack up our gear and head home to savory the adventure.

Shown below are map directions to the Cheese Factory, in Novato. If you get lost, please call Kandace Mllhouse, Director, at the Cheese Factory, (707) 762-600


This will be our private Legio X adventure. This is a Roman March along the Bizz Johnson Trail. This will be a 25-mile march in the high hill country near Susanville. It will involve an overnight camping along a beautiful mountain steam. It will prove to be an adventure dig you will always treasure, if you survive, of course, Ha! Please let me know if you are interested in attending this adventure.


Scott Poole came up with this very practical design for some comfortable Roman style underwear. Both Scott and I can vouch for their comfort. We wore them at the Clarksburg event. Adjust the dimensions to fit your personal size.



Our Clarksburg host, Phil Frame, gave this interesting poem
by Leroy F. Jackson to me. Enjoy!

Romulus, Romulus
Father of Rome
Ran off with a wolf
And wouldn't come home.
When he grew up,
He founded a city
With an eagle, a bear,
And a tortoise shell kitty


Legio X is acquiring loaner gear to help outfit potential members who are interested in trying our Roman activities. Even new members are encouraged to please attend our events, whether or not you have all of your equipment.

If you, or a friend of yours, are in need of some Roman equipment in order to be properly outfitted for any of our Legio X events, please feel welcome to contact Robert Garbisch for loaner equipment. At present, efforts are being made to acquire several complete outfits. Just schedule a time to come by and try on an outfit. If it fits, then request a loaner reservation. It's that simple. Thanks. Only by working together do we make a difference. Ave Immortalis Roma!


Please note carefully the adopted shield pattern for Legio X in the photos. This design represents our unit. You may have a different shield size or shape. That is okay. But you are strongly encouraged to please use the Legio X pattern on your shield. This will add to some uniformity and recognition for Legio X Fretensis. If you have need for some assistance in making your pattern, please contact Centurio Marcus.

Editor's Notes:

Unfortunately I have run out of both space and time to include some other interesting news. So in some future edition I will present some rather entertaining facts on Roman food for the Legions. I will welcome any special menu requests and suggestions for improving our food fare. That is, providing that you are willing to do the necessary work in the kitchen to help prepare your delightful feast. Yummies for the tummy!

MARY MINSHALL provided me with the food facts and also another very interesting article on the Roman use of dogs, especially the Rottweiler, for drovers in controlling the cattle herd (fresh beef on the hoof). The "Mastiff' type was admirably suited for both the livestock driving and guard duty of the supply dumps at night. Does anyone in our unit have a pet Rottweiler?


Centurio Marcus Antonius Lucius Legio X Fretensis - IV Cohort Jerusalem Garrison - Antonia Fortress

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