The Contribution of Renactors

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The Contributions of Reenactors: Introduction
The Growth of the Living History Movement and Roman Reenactors
Robert Garbisch's First Armour as Optio or Centurion
Praetorian Officer Steve Oster's Muscled Cuirass and Bronze Armour
Research Resources: Trajan's Column, Hadrian's Wall, and the British Museum
Hand Crafted Helmet, Cuirass, and Greaves Created by a Modern Day Armourer
The Beautiful Finish on Steve's Helmet Can't Hide the Gravitas that Shows on His Face
A Mainz Pattern Helmet Modeled by Robert
The Head of a Fanciful Beast Adorning Steve's Bronze Greaves
Robert's First Pilum Introduces the Equipment Section       He has several that are much more accurately constructed, we are told!
Robert's Reproduction of a Gladius in the "Pompeii" Pattern
Another Pompeii Pattern Gladius Wielded by Steve
Closeup of Robert's Gladius in its Scabbard
Closeup of Robert's Caliga (Boot)
Profile of a Reenactment Group: The Re - Created Roman Tenth Legion

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