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LEGIO X FRETENSIS   January 2001 Newsletter - Page 2
- Text and Photos by Robert Garbisch

Shown above is our LXF group on Dec. 21st.: Centurio Marcus Lucius, Titus Aeldred, Calventius Viator, Publius Gallus, Antony Lucius., and of course, our lovely Lady Lydia.

LXF now has a second web site for checking up on our newsletter and for viewing the photos in color. Wowie! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Arturius Brittainius (Arthur Gamon) this web site has become possible. As most of you already know, Jay King, who set up the original LXF web site, has been feeling quite ill for some time now. Thus our LXF newsletters were not being updated. With a second web site available now, we hope to offer double services for our inquiring public, His site is:

Sometime back I graciously loaned to a LXF member, of whom I cannot recall the person's name right now, a very special book, I would truly appreciate the return of this $50 book called, "Greece and Rome at War", by Peter Connolly. Thank you.

LXF Dues are due right now! At present, only 10 LXF members have renewed their membership for the year 2001. If you are NOT one of them, then this LXF newsletter will be your last issue. Please send your $40 dues in a check or money order payable to Robert W. Garbisch, (LXF Treasurer).

If you desire to just be a Subscriber to the LXF newsletter, then the cost is still only $10. Your payment for membership must be received by January 31, 2001. Thanks.

LXF is still in the planning stage for a few events. However, LXF does plan to have more joint events with our Celtic comrades in history, GAESATAE commanded by the Celtic Chief Vendonnallix (Kevin Beckman). In fact, our first event for the year will be March 16?18 at Calaveras Celtic Faire, Angels Camp.

Directions and a map to this event will be published later on. LXF will definitely be outnumbered as this is considered to be the largest Celtic Faire in Northern California. I'm sure LXF will make a good showing of Roman Honor and Glory. Ave Immortalis Roma!

Other sites in the works are April 7th and 8th, at Redwood City. July 7th and 8th Dunsmuir House, Oakland, and/or Fort. MacArthur, San Pedro.

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