The Mighty Roman Legions

From the Earliest Times With the Conquest of Latium Until the Dreadful Slaughter at Chalons, the Powerful and Disciplined Legions Were the Enforcers of Roman Foreign Policy

A legionary's Basic Equipment c.27 B. C. to A. D. 100
Roman Army Units
Modern Reenactors bring Roman Military History Alive
Praetorian Prefect
Roman Army Camps
Starving a City Into Submission With Siege Tactics
Wild Asses and Other Artillery
Sherman Tank - Roman Style
The Army on the Frontiers
The MAGISTER MILITVM, the Master Generals of the Army
Alaric the Visigoth and Stilicho the Master General
Aurelian's Wall: Tthe Outer Defenses of the City of Rome
Flavius Aetius, The Last of the Great Roman Generals
Roman Warships
The Basic naval Tactic of Ramming
Parts of a Roman Warship
The Battle of Actium :: Table of Contents
The Roman Government Social Classes Rome's Enemies Roman Emperors Cities of the Empire Roman Coins Writers & Historians
The Republic Christians and Lions Other Empires Roman Women Engineers & Technology Roman Art Interesting Events
The Late Empire The Roman Economy   Roman Army Trade and Transport Roman Food  
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