Neighbors of Rome

Other Empires that Existed in Roman Times From Faraway China to Africa and the Niddle East

The authors are still working on the articles in this section. This area of study would be an excellent choice for middle school or high school students in classrooms that are involved with the Beyond the Classroom Walls project. Participating students and classes will have the opportunity to have their history research projects and original art added to this project and published on a university Web site as well as having them incorporated into the next release of this resource on CD-ROM.

In particular, we are looking for articles on ancient China, the Q'in Dynasty and the han Dynasty, ancient India, the Parthians, the Greeks, Egypt and the empires of North Africa, and information on any other contemporary civilizations beyond the borders of the Roman Empire.

Dr. Johanna Keirns' Tour of Greece's Ancient Places Images only at this time - Textual content is in process of preparation

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