The Big Roman History Booklist

The author of this site has spent many enjoyable years collecting books on Roman history and other related historic themes. These include books on ancient coins, naval warfare, armies, tactics, and weapons, ancient engineering, and books that go into lurid detail about the private lives and odd behaviors of the ancients. Some books dig up the dirt on these people (You didn't think that people living in ancient times were were just marble statues, did you?)

The collection listed also includes a generous helping of books on ancient Britain and Scotland, the Renaissance, old ships, dreadful sea battles, gory mass executions, and stupid military blunders. Best of all, the more modern books have beautiful color reproductions of ancient and medieval art that is preserved in European, Egyptian, Turkish, Israeli, Russian, and American museums. I'd love to reproduce some of that material here but the copyright lawyers would carve my over padded tooshie into little tiny pieces of fish bait. What can I say? I guess you'll have to go down to the library and check them out yourself. Many are also available at Barnes & Noble or Super Crown bookstores. If you live near a college town like Palo Alto, California, you can get many of them at the campus bookstore. The author likes the one at Stanford because it has all the cool military books as well as the general history titles.

This list is broken up into several smaller lists which are organized thematically. If any users of this site have read a good history book lately, just email the author and send along a brief review, and we might just add it to the body of knowledge here at this site. Thanks for browsing and I hope you enjoy this list.

The whole list in alphabetical order
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Books about Roman and other ancient coins
Books by the popular author Michael Grant
Books about ancient ships and sailing
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