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Virtual Galleries of Mid to Late Third Century Types
Organized first by Emperor's name, then by reverse type

Reduced Follises of Licinius I and Licinius II struck during the early Fourth Century
Radiates struck during the late Third and early Fourth Centuries
Radiates Struck by Secessionist Emperors during the late Third and early Fourth Centuries
- Includes the Gallic, Palmyrene, and British Splinter Emperors
Roman Egyptian Tetradracms struck during the mid to late Third Century

Virtual Galleries of Fourth Century Types
Otganized by reverse type, random emperor and mint

Two Soldiers, Two Standards Types - Constantine and His Sons
Two Soldiers, One Standard Types - Delmatius
Two Soldiers, One Standard Types - Constantine and His Sons
Wreath With Votis Reverse Legend Types - Constantine II to Arcadius
Camp Gate Reverse Types - Constantine and His Soms
Victory Advancing Left Reverses - Starting With Gratian and Valentinian II.
Victory Advancing Left Reverses - Theodosius I.
Victory Advancing Left Reverses - Arcadius.
Scarce and Unusual Late Fourth and Early Fifth Century Reverse Types - Honorius, Theodosius II, Marcian, Leo, etc.

All New! More image galleries of late Roman bronze types.

Camp Gate
Altar with Votis, Victories with Wreath
FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Soldier Spearing Fallen Horseman
More FEL TEMP, including Barbarian and Hut tupes
Victory Advancing Left Holding Wreath
Emperor Holding Labarum and Dragging Captive

History Articles

Biographies of Roman Emperors - Starting with Constantine.
A Timeline of Roman History series of articles

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Identifying Common Fourth Century Roman Bronze Coins
A Picture Gallery of Fourth Century Reverse Types
Camp Gate
Altar Inscribed VOTIS XX
Two Soldiers Standing With Two Standards
Two Soldiers Holding One Standard
Wreath With Legend Inside
Soldier Spearing a Fallen Horseman
VRBS ROMA Commemorative - Mother Wolf Suckling Twins Romulus and Remus
CONSTANTINOPOLIS Commemorative - Victory Standing on Prow of Ship
Two Victories Each Holding a Small Wreath
Emperor Holding Labarum or Standard and Dragging Captive
Victory Advancing Left
A Key to Fourth Century Inscriptions
Some Scarcer Late Fourth Century and early Fifth Century Types