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Two Victories Each Holding a Small Wreath

These coins are quite tiny, usually less than 15 mm in diameter. They were mostly commonly struck by the emperor Constans and his brother the emperor Constantius II. A much larger Two Victories reverse of Decentius that is priced just a bit beyond the inexpensive bronze category is also available from the stock of ancient coin dealers from time to time.

After about A. D. 308, the large beautiful follis which had been struck by Diocletian, Maximianus, and the other Tetrarchs began to be struck ever smaller and lighter with each passing year. Since there was very little silver in these coins to begin with, the government could not cheat on the coinage by reducing the silver content as they had in the mid Third Century. Instead, they kept striking the main bronze denominations smaller and smaller. The small coins illustrated here, mostly with two victories facing and each holding a wreath, were struck from about A. D. 335 to 348. They represented the final sad state of a coin that had once been struck on flans between 25 and 28 mm in diameter. though scarcely fifteen millimeters in diameter and struck in the hundreds of millions, these coins are nevertheless interesting collectibles and represent the history of the Romans' once - again debased money system. They, along with the two soldiers with standards and the wreath types are amongst the most common in ancient coin dealers' junk boxes.

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