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Two Soldiers Standing and Holding Two Standards

These types with the legend GLORIA EXERCITVS (Glory of the Army) on the reverse were struck in recognition of the important role the army played in keeping the emperor on his throne and the barbarians under control. The obverse usually featured a portrait of the emperor wearing a diadem and an inscription bearing his name.

The soldiers with standards types, either with two standards or just one standard are amongst the most easily obtained of ancient coins. Like the wreath types, the small AE3 soldier spearing fallen horsemsn type, and the tiny two victories type, these coins were struck from about A. D. 330 - 348. Hundreds of millions of each type were struck between these years. According to Carson, Hill, and Kent, they were produced at thirteen different mints around the Roman Empire and some of these mints had more than ten workshops turning the little coins out.

Though they do not show the variety seen in the wreath types, they form an interesting series in their own right. Some interesting little variations to look out for are the differences in the tops of the standards and the presence or absence of the Chi - Rho or Christogram in the fields of the coin reverse. Of course, many collectors collect these the traditional way, by mint and officina (workshop) letters.

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Two Soldiers, two Standards Types of Constantine and His Sons

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