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VRBS ROMA Commemorative

Mother Wolf Suckling Twins Romulus and Remus

This commemorative coin was issued to mark the 1100th anniversary of the traditional founding of Rome. The traditional date for the founding of the city was 753 B. C., and the 1100th birthday celebration for the city was held in A.D. 348. These coins were actually struck to coincide with Constantine's dedication of his new capital at Constantinople in 330, which was several years prior to the anniversary pf the founding of Rome. Another small bronze coin commemorated the founding of Constantinople as well. These types were issued from A.D. 330 to 346.

The reverse of the VRBS ROMA type depicts a she - wolf suckling the twins Romulus and Remus and refers to the legend concerning the foundation of Rome. The two boys were abandoned in the woods to die but were adopted by a female wolf who cared for them until they were found by a shepherd who raised them as his own sons.

The obverse features a female personnification of ROMA wearing a helmet and carrying a spear over her shoulder. The coin is a very handsome design, especially when well - struck examples are found. The VRBS ROMA and CONSTANTINOPOLIS types bring a slightly better price from dealers' stock than the soldiers and standards, wreath, or soldier spearing fallen horseman types. Though they are just as numerous as these types, the commemoratives are more popular amongst collectors because of their clean, elegant design and their historical connections.

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