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Victory Advancing Left

The figure of Victory advancing left was a very popular motif seen on Roman coinage. Two major late Roman types bear an image of Victory advancing left. The first and earlier of the two types shows her holding a wreath in her left hand and carrying a branch in her right. These bore the legend SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE and were struck during the reigns of Valentinian I, Valens, and Gratian.

The small AE4 coins with a victory advancing left on the reverse were struck during the reigns of Valentinian II, Theodosius I, Honorius, and Arcadius. Ranging in size from tiny cits of metal less than 13mm to a little more than 15mm, these late Fourth Century and early Fifth Century coins depicted Victory dragging a captive and often had either a cross or a P - headed cross in the left field. The legend, SALUS REIPVBLICAE, means "Health of the Republic" Both this and the legend found on coins described in the first paragraph of this article were quite ironic sentiments for the Roman Empire of this period to be displaying on its coins.

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Victory Advancing Left Types of Gratian and Valentinian II
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