Wreath Reverses With Votis Inscription

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This wreath type was struck in the name of Constantine II. The coin is about 22mm in diameter and is much handsomer than the portrait. The dark chocolate brown surfaces have a high gloss which makes photography or scanning difficult.
STR broad U mintmark, Trier mint.
This coin is very similar to the one above.
STR mintmark.
This AE4 of Constantius II has the VOT XX MVLT XXX legend. The mintmark is quite worn but apppears to be CONS(theta)
Catalog Number LRBC 1546 Carson, Hill, and Kent Late Roman Bronze Coinage
The even, brown patina on this coin indicate that it was probably cleaned many years ago. This 16mm coin is a very nice example of a wreath type struck by Constantius II.
SMALS with possibly a theta as the far right letter, Alexandria mint.

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