The Virtual Gallery

Each of these virtual exhibitions is a study in the art of the Greco - Roman world with a few excursions into other time periods and cultures.

Because of copyright limitations, these images are taken largely from coins in the author's collection and those of his colleagues. Some individuals have kindly provided us with images of a few outstanding examples executed in other media.

A Portrait of the Horse in Antiquity

These images were chosen for the powerful way they portray this magnificent creature. A friend and a loyal servant of mankind in times of war and peace, the horse was a favorite subject of the arts. This is especially true of art seen on ancient coins and medallions. The Romans' fondness for the horse is clearly evident in the fine horse and mounted rider portraits seen on their coins. The Romans had as great a love affair with the horse and the sport of chariot racing as modern Americans have of automobiles and football.

Photo gallery of LEGIO X FRETENSIS Events

On these pages you will find many photos that are not published in the LEGIO X FRETENSIS newsletters. There are many images of reenactors and the equipment they use. They can be quite useful for those who wish to study the style and construction of Roman military equipment and common items that might be found around a First Century AD Roman army camp that is set up each afternoon and broken down each morning while the legion is on campaign. There are also some examples of equipment ranging from the Carthagenian period to an auxiliary's equipment that would also be very close to correct for a legionary of the early Fourth Century. There are lots of photos here presented on a series of linked thumbnail pages. If you are a student, educator, or member of a club or organization whose activities center about the study or reenactment of history, please feel free to use these images. If you are producing a commercial publication, please contact the author by email.

LEGIO X FRETENSIS Cheese Factory Event
LEGIO X FRETENSIS Death Valley March
LEGIO X FRETENSIS Macarthur Church Event

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