This scutum type shield and its cover were designed and hand crafted by our very own Centurio Marcus. Animal motifs were quite popular with the Romans, especially the wolf.

This is a view of the shield in the previous photograph with the cover off. Centurio Marcus is quite a talented artist.

From left to right, shields: early Republican style, early 1st Cent. type with Legio X Fretensis markings, two later Republican patterns, and an ornate officer's scutum. Helmets: Republican, 1st Cent. AD, and 1st Cent. Centurion's helmet with plume

Another shot of weapons and armour owned by Legio X fretensis. Two gladius type swords are shown here. The Mainz pattern is on the left and the less ornate Pompeii pattern is to the right.

This closeup of the early Republican helmet clearly shows the horsehair plume. The shield cover with wolf within wreath design is to the right. Part of the early Republican era scutum can be seen behind the helmet and shield cover.

This beautiful scutum with a large brass wing design belongs to our Imperial legate, Gaius Germanicus Magnus, known as Steve Oster in the Monday through Friday world.

We have many photos of the beautifully embossed brass Praetorian officer's helmet owned by Gaius Germanicus Magnus. This one was custom made for Steve by Lonely Mountain Forge.

The fine leather shoulder doublings were hand crafted by Centurio Marcus. The large circular horn was called a cornu and the soldier who blew it was called a cornicen.

This closeup shows more of the decoration on the Mainz pattern gladius sheath and Gaius Germanicus Magnus' helmet.

This hamata, or Roman mail was in use both before and after the appearance of the segmented lorica. As it is illegal to own a wolf skin in California, the coyote skin is worn on the signifer, or standard - bearer's helmet.

Left to right: Centurio Marcus with his vinewood staff, Gaius Germanicus Magnus in Praetorian armour, our optio Antony Lucius, Flavius Vespasianus Iovi Konig, Marcus Scipio, and Octavius Lucius on the far right.

Now for their names in English: Robert Garbisch, Steve Oster, Anthony Garbisch, Jay King, Scott Poole in Republican era armour, and Robert Garvisch (yes, that's with a "v").

Flavius Vespasianus Iovi Konig, AKA Jay King. So, now you know what the author/editor of this Web site looks like. We recently went on a physical training program with hopes of someday fitting into a lorica segmentata!

All the members of Legio X Fretensis who showed up at the macArthur Church event are in this photograph. Scott is behind Jay in this and the last few photos taken from this particular angle, but his striking bronze early Republican helmet is visible.

Now we can see Marcus Scipio (Scott). Those leather shoulder doublings look fantastic. I would hate to think of something so nice taking a sword slash, but beautifully crafted armour often did in real ancient battles.

The early Republican helmet and the shoulder doublings worn by Marcus Scipio are patterned after armour worn by Roman legionaries during the Second Century BC. They might have been worn at the battles of Zama or Pydna.

Left to right: Centurio Marcus, Gaius Germanicus Magnus, Antony Lucius, Flavius Vespasianus Iovi Konig, Marcus Scipio

The Officers' Tent with the Vexillum standard bu the door flap

Armour used by Legio X members. The cuirass is a Corbridge Type B segmented Lorica with hooks holding the upper portion to the torso. The helmets are both of similar construction and are of the Coolus type.

This closeup image is of the cornu, a horn used by the Roman legions which was played by a cornicen.

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