A small but determined group atended our first presentation at MacArthur Church.

Our Centurio Marcus Antonius Lucius and our Imperial Legate and Praetorian Oficer Gaius Germanicus Magnus confer on matters of high strategy while Centurio Marcus shakes his vinewood staff, respected by legionaries and feared by miscreants alike!

Our Optio Antony Lucius holds a pilum and the beautiful Republican era shield hand crafted and painted by his father, Centurio Marcus.

This closeup of the shoulder doublings on Centurio Marcus' chain mail shirt clearly shows how it was constructed from pieces of chain mail on top of leather. A mail shirt was called a lorica hamata by the Romans.

In this frontal view, seeral of our shields are clearly visible. Centurio Marcus nd Optio Antony Lucius each hold a Republican era scutum. Flavius Vespasianus holds a small round parma type with a beautifully painted scene.

Here we are, ready to mount an attack on some Thracian rebels! The dark red scutum, fourth from the viewer's left, is an early Republican type. All can be seen in closeup in other photos in this series.

The Pompeii pattern gladius worn by Optio Antony Lucius has an Ivory grip. The large spangenhelm worn by Auxiliary bowman Octavius Lucius is a particularly well made and good looking piece. The author loves the late Roman period when these were popular.

I'll match my gladius against your pilum haft. Uh, uh, I don't think so!

Our Centurio is always happy to explain some point of history or legionary lore to an interested member of the public. Nobody can accuse hin, nor any of us for that matter, of being shy!

We caught Gaius Germanicus breaking into a faint smile! Doesn't he look good in that Praetorian armour?

This closeup shows some of the fine craftsmanship that went into this Republican era leather shoulder doubling. The work was done by Centurio Marcus.

Lady Lydia has once again graced the legion with her presence. Here she is seen in the presence of two stalwart legionaries.

The second part of the public presentation is devoted to exhibiting some of the every day articles used by the Romans in both military and civilian life. One display is a collection of Roman coins and authentic artifacts.

Another part of the exhibit focuses around replicas of everyday items such as a water clock, sundial, strigil, wax writing tablets, cat o' nine tails scourge, and the infamous sponge on a stick!

Our Centurio and our Auxiliary Syrian Archer are giving a public presentation. Octavius Lucius makes his own bows and arrows. We will try to include closeups in a future photo gallery.

Marcus Scipio wears a Republican era armour and helmet. The helmet is similar to the type referred to as a Montefortino type after the name of the cemetary where several were found. Marcus also wears the pugio, or Roman dagger on his left side.

This is a closeup of our legionary eagle. To lose this, like Crassus did in Parthia, is to bring the ultimate disgrace and humiliation upon your legion.

Gaius Germanicus, Flavius Vespasianus, and Centurio Marcus are giving a presentation. The Cat o' nine tails, wax tablet, sundial, oil lamp, water clock, and various small bowls and vials are on the table in front of them. Some are original artifacts.

This highly decorated small buckler was called a parma by the Romans. It was borne by troops with special duties such as the signifer and the imaginifer. The author, in his role as signifer of Legio X Fretensis, carries this parma.

Marcus Scipio is carrying the weighted pilum in this picture. The weighted pilum was a somewhat later development, the weight having been added to give the pilum better balistics and a more forceful impact.

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