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LEGIO X FRETENSIS   March 2000 Newsletter -- Page 2
- Text and Photos by Robert Garbisch

ORDENEM SERVATE! MANDATA CAPTATE! (Keep your position! Observe the orders!)

Our next LXF event will be held on MAY 7,at 2 p.m. / 1400. This will be a Practice Drill in Latin Commands, Pilum exercise, Gladius drill, and if enough members show up, we will exercise some formation drills. After all this work, there will be a fine feast of delicious food to enjoy; generously provided by our host, Ellison Dunlap Sr., at his beautiful home. If you have never been to his place, then you are indeed in for a special treat. His property offers a large area just perfect for our pilum drill and marching drills. His home and yard have been graced with many beautiful statues. His Armor Room is a display of great historical value. It is truly a wonderful experience to tour his place. And I'm quite sure his feast shall be more palatable to your taste than the standard Legionary fare of sour wine and Roman hardtack, although such a meal is hard to beat. (Literally "hard to beat". Ha!)

Location: 1100 Portal Ave., Oakland (510) 465-5452

Going EAST to Hayward on 580, exit at Grand Ave.; continue past Grand Ave. to Lakeshore Ave. Turn Left on Lakeshore Ave. and go under the freeway. Go just past the shopping area and turn Right onto Mandana Boulevard. Proceed to the fourth intersection on your left side. Turn left at Portal Avenue. This street will fishhook around and just before you turn left again you will see directly in front of you a grand double driveway entry with a spacious lawn area in between. This is the place to enter and park.

Going WEST to San Francisco on 580, exit at Lakeshore Ave. Turn right on Lakeshore Ave. Follow the same directions as above, If you get lost, then stay calm, and call Ellison for directions.

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