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Wife of Theodosius II

Eudocia was the wife of the Late Roman or Early Byzantine emperor Theodosius II. Her original name was Athenais, a pagan name honoring the goddess Athena. She had to give this name up and adopt the good Christian name of Eudocia before she could marry a Roman emperor. She married Theodosius II in A. D. 421.

Eudocia did not get along well with Theodosius' powerful sister Pulcheria and it is possible that Pulcheria turned Theodosius against his wife. At any rate, the marriage broke up in 442 or 443 and Eudocia moved to Jerusalem. She still retained her imperial title of Augusta, though.

Eudocia spent her later years in the performing of good works, giving alms to the poor, constructing buildings, and supporting the Monophysite Church. She returned to the orthodox Christian Faith before her death in 460.

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