Three new recruits take the sacramentum, or oath of loyalty to Rome, the emperor, and the legion.

We have included several shots of the four new recurits who officially joined Legio X Fretensis at the Cheese Factory event.

Ellison Dunlap, Patti Ballard, Ken Feragen, and Anthony Dunlap take the sacramentum at the Cheese Factory event.

Centurio Marcus bestows the medallion on each new member of Legio X Fretensis at the Cheese Factory.

The "Old Soldiers" of Legio X Fretensis offer welcome and congratulations to the new recruits. Long live Caesar!

The conclusion of the sacramentum and formal induction into Legio X Fretensis of the four new recruits under the fly tent

The new recruits place their hands over their hearts at the moment of swearing the oath of inductuin.

Patti Ballard and the Dunlops try a little pilum practice. It takes much practice to throw a pilum straight and true.

Arms go back for the throw and....

Pila iace! (Throw pila!)

L-R Antony Lucius, Ken Feragen, Gaius Germanicus, Patti Ballard, Ellison Dunlap, and Anthony Dunlap.

Our Imperial Legate goes for a high, arching throw.

Centurio Marcus shows us how it's done!

The Legion prepares to throw the pila back towards upper field. The public are safely behind the palisade wall.

Anthony and Elison Dunlap, Gaius Germanicus, Patti Ballard, Ken Feragen, Antony Lucius, and Centurio Marcus Lucius walking back.

Legio X Fretensis Beneficarius Lucas Cornelius Flavius (Richard Lucas) has joined the line for pilum drill (far right).

Almost in unison this time, everyone throws their pilum. The long period of drill is beginning to pay off.

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