The Tenth Legion prepares to attack.

Most of the legionaries wear the lorica segmentata. Two wear hamata (mail). Gaius Germanicus Magnus wears a muscled cuirass.

Shields varied from a Repiblican style with rounded corners to the rectangular scutum of Imperial times and auxiliary (right).

Pila iace! -- Throw Pilum!

Parati! Oppugnare! -- Ready! Charge! (No, they did not have an exclamation point in Latin - that came later!)

Whew! - those Barbarians remove their dead before we even get a chance to strip them! I had my eye on a nice gladius but...

The nice little duck pond at the Cheese Factory helped make this a nice setting for our Roman reenactment event.

These sandals are very good copies of the original First Century caligae worn by the legions compared to most from suppliers.

It soon became time for all of us to hone our skills in the gladius training "pit".

Defende inferius -- Attack low!

Defende altus - Attack high!

So what's the matter, Gaius Germanicus? The Optio won't trust you with the real thing?? Uh, just kidding!

The training shield and sword weighed twice as much as the regulation issue equipment in order to build strength and agility.

You wouldn't think a stick like that could fight back, but a clumsy move might earn the recruit a sharp blow by the Optio!

Gaius Germanicus looks on as one of the new recruits undergoes training.

MMarcus Scipio gets in a good thrust from above. Any Barbarian to survive an encounter with him is lucky indeed!

Is everybody out to get our Optio Antony Lucius today?

This small round shield used in training is called a parma. Often, a large scutum made of wicker was used for this purpose.

Ellison Dunlap is wearing the lorica segmentata in this photo. I believe Ken feragen is wearing the hamata.

Ellison Dunlap, Patti Ballard, Ken Feragen, and Anthony Dunlap take the sacramentum under the fly tent.

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