Gaius Germanicus Magnus (Steve Oster) and Lucas Cornelius Flavius (Richard Lucas)

Antony Lucius (Anthony Garbisch), Lucas Cornelius Flavius (Richard Lucas), and Gaius Germanicus Magnus (Steve Oster) preparing f

Pilum throwing demonstration with Robert and Anthony Garbisch (Centurio Marcus and Antony Lucius), Scott Poole (Marcus Scipio, P

Gaius Germanicus Magnus (Steve Oster), Patti Ballard, and Antony Lucius (Anthony Garbisch) stand with pilum and shield ready.

Centurio Marcus (Robert Garbisch) leads the line in the gladius attack while Lady Lydia (Linda Gaarbisch) looks on. Also shown a

Patti Ballard, Marcus Scipio (Scott Poole), and Antony Lucius (Anthony Garbisch) with Centurio Marcus (Robert Garbisch).

Patti Ballard, Marcus Scipio, Antony Lucius, and Centurio Marcus are preparing for the second assault.

Gaius Germanicus Magnus, Patti Ballard, Marcus Scipio, and Antony Lucius with Centurio Marcus at right prepare to attack.

Close - up of Gaius Germanicus Magnus (Steve Oster), Patti Ballard, Scott Poole, and Anthony Garbisch with Centurio Marcus

New recruit Patti Ballard gets a workout in the Gladius Training Pit under the watchful eye of our Optio, Antony Lucius.

Members of the public were allowed to try their hand at gladius drill. This one ought to make a good recruit!

Here we have another possible recruit. If he proves a stout soldier, let's send him to join the Pannonian Legions!

Beneficiarius Lucas Cornelius Flavius (Richard Lucas) prepares to show to the public some everyday items used by the Romans.

On a table in front of our Beneficiarius are a water clock, cat o' nine tails, wax tablet, and other items used by the Romans.

Centurio Marcus gives the troops last minute instructions before the pilum throwing demonstration at the Cheese Factory Event.

Centurio Marcus explains how the assault by both auxiliary slingers and legionaries hurling the pilum could be devastting.

Gaius Germanicus, Antony Lucius, and Centurio Marcus explaining the use of the pilum and verutum.

Our Optio and our Centurio, Antony Lucius and Marcus Antonius Lucius, discuss the difference between the heavy pilum and the lig

No, these pila have not just been thrown at us by the enemy! In our drill, we threw from one end of the field, then threw back.

Pila are recovered for the next round of drills.

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