The Later Roman Emperors

After the Reforms of Diocletian, the Roman Emperors From Constantine Through Byzantine Times were a Remote, Aloof Group of Rulers Surrounded Courtly Splendor but Out of Touch With the People Over Which They Ruled

The Crisis of the Third Century
The Barracks Emperors
Rebellions and Breakaway Empires
Good Money, Bad Money, and Runaway Inflation
The Tetrarchy
Abdication by Roman Emperors
Diocletian Reforms the Money
A New Empire -- The World of Late Antiquity From Diocletian Onward
An Increasingly Remote and Deified Emperor
First Barbarian Invasions
Goths Enter and Settle Within the Roman Empire
The Final Division of the Empire into East and West in A. D. 395
The Nika Revolt and the Courage of an Empress (A. D. 532)