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Julia Mamaea

Mother of Severus Alexander

Julia Mamaea was the eldest daughter of Julia Maesa, that intrepid strong woman of Roman politics during the Severan period. Her son became the emperor Severus Alexander after his brother, the degenerate Elagabalus, was deposed and murdered by the Praetorian Guard. Severus Alexander was the exact opposite of his brother. He gave all the signs of turning out to be a responsible emperor who would govern wisely and not fall into the depravity that characterized his brother’s reign. Both he and his mother were under the control of the powerful Maesa until she died in A. D. 226. At this time Mamaea, last of the strong Severan women, took over the role of dominating and directing the man who occupied the throne. Julia Soaemias was murdered by Roman army officers along with her son in A. D. 235.

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