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Italian Prehistory and Beginnings

Through the Etruscan Monarchy of Rome
Italy: Its Geography and Climate
Rome and the Sea: The Role of the Mediterranean in the Development of a Mighty Empire
Prehistoric Peoples of the Italian Peninsula
The Early Iron Age in Italy and Sicily Villanovans, Ligures, Latins, Sabines, Oscans, and others
Magna Graecia: Greek Colonies in Italy
The Etruscans
Etruscan Sea Power and Mediterranean Commerce
The Working of Copper, Bronze, and Iron: Connections to Etruria and Early Italy
Early Bronze and Copper Technology From the Dawn of History until early historic times (2000 B. C. - 400 B. C.)
The Emergence of Iron Smelting and Blacksmithing: 900 B. C. to the Early Roman Empire
Etruscan Art
Latium and the Beginnings of Rome in the Seventh Century B. C.
The Monarchy and the Emerging Roman Government

Rome and her Neighbors in Central Italy

The Latin League and the Enemies of Latium
The Struggle with Veii
The Gauls Sack Rome and Rome's Allies in Italy Revolt (390 - 338 B. C.)
Roman Expansion in Italy and The Dissolution of the Latin League
The Second and Third Samnite Wars
War with King Pyrrhus and the Conquest of Southern Italy

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