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Gallic Secessionist Emperor A.D 268 - 270

Victorinus was one of the rebel emperors that ruled in Gaul during the period in which Gaul had seceded from Rome and become a separate empire under Postumus during the Third Century A. D. Victorinus took the place of Marius, an emperor who was on the throne for only a few days.

Victorinus had to defend his territory against the able Roman emperor Claudius Gothicus, who had succeeded Gallienus in A. D. 268. During Victorinus’ reign, Spain broke away from the rebel Gallic Empire and was re - united with the Roman Empire. The city of Autun also revolted and would have reverted to Roman authority but Victorinus besieged and recaptured it after seven months.

Little else is recorded for the reign of Victorinus except that he was murdered by a man whose wife he had seduced. Victorinus' mother Vitruvia evidently wielded considerable power in the government of the rebel state, because it was she who chose Tetricus to succeed Victorinus to the throne. History has recorded little else concerning this mysterious woman.

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