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Balbinus and Pupienus

Emperors A.D 238

Balbinus was a Roman senator who was proclaimed emperor by the Senate along with another senator, Pupienus on April 22, A.D. 238. Much of the empire was in revolt against the hated Maximinus I, who had imposed a harsh taxation policy upon the Senate and citizens of Rome. Maximinus was moving toward Rome with an army, and the Senate was desperate for a leader to defend Rome against him. Pupienus was to take an army north to meet Maximinus, while Balbinus remained in Rome to control rioting between the people and members of the Praetorian Guard. Pupienus was successful in campaigning against Maximinus, who was killed by his own troops. Though both Balbinus and Pupienus were popular with the citizens, they distrusted and hated each other. It is interesting that many of the legends on their coins translated to &quotHarmony Amongst the Emperors", giving an example of how coins served the purpose of political propaganda during the time of the Roman Empire. When Pupienus tried to impose stricter discipline over the Praetorian Guard, both he and Balbinus were kidnapped and murdered by the Guard on July 29. A.D. 238.

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