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Dear Sir

I am trying to find a comprehensive listing of Roman coin mint marks and am having a time doing it.Do you know of any site where this information is available?I would be most grateful for any help.


Dear Reader,

Much of the information you ask for exists, but, unfortunately, I know of no Web site that has it all catalogued. The subject of Roman mint marks is the main focus of fully two entire volumes in my own collection, these being Roman Imperial Coins (RIC) Volume IX and Late Roman Bronze Coins by Carson, Hill, and Kent. I believe the copyright has run out on RIC IX, as I see no copyright notice in my Spink's edition and the first Spink's printing was in 1933. CHK has a copyright date of 1978, so there is no way I could reproduce this legally.

I also have an interest in this subject, but heretofore have been somewhat daunted by the sheer amount of work involved in putting together a Roman mintmark reference. I may look into it further, and if it looks like the copyright is indeed expired on RIC IX, I may scan and reproduce the pages as .gif images, each linked in an HTML page. The neat trick is to make the information searchable. I will email you if I do decide to do this. Until then, the only suggestion I have is to wangle your way into the good graces of an ancient coin dealer or an academic reference librarian, get hold of a copy of RIC IX for a couple of hours, and go heat up a local copy machine. The prices of reprints of RIC are reaching astronomical proportions - about $1800.00 or more for the set of 10 volumes. It's too bad, too. At these prices, theis informatiom might very well disappear from accessibility to all except the most arcane scholars.


Jay King

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