Detail of a Boar's Tooth Helmet From the Bronze Age Dendra Site at Mycenae

This is part of a Bronze Age set of armour found at Dendra. It is now on display at the archaeological museum at Nafplio. To the author's knowledge, there is not another piece of armour from this period as well preserved as this set.

Bronze Age Plate Armour From a Mycenian Shaft Grave at the Dendra Site

Bronze Age Plate Armour From Shaft Grave -- Shoulder Detail

Detail of Head of a Sculpture in the Museum

Sculptures of the Arktoi or "Bear Children" were found at the Artemis temple site at Brauron. The bear was sacred to Artemis and mortals were continually incurring her displeasure by committing acts of cruelty to the animals. Both male and female statures of bear children have been found.